The Big Picture


I found the task of moderating the Focus Group Discussions and the Workshop sponsored by the government’s Information and Communications Technology Office  as part of the Preliminary Study for the Corporate Services Segment of the IT-BPO Industry thought-provoking and deeply satisfying.  Listening to and recording the views of each of the participants was like getting a photo of their individual experiences, issues, challenges and opportunities. Each of those individual photos formed part of a larger Photo Mosaic that George Francisco and I had to piece together.

I have been an industry insider for the most of eight years already and have my own views and biases comprising my individual photo to add to that Mosaic. But the big picture that emerged from the exercise was  breathtaking to me. My first opportunity at making the Photo Mosaic public was in the Presentation of the Preliminary Study for the Corporate Services Segment last 3 April 2013. There were a lot of nodding heads in that forum – which I found gratifying after having completed the painstaking study.

The opportunities for growing the offshoring business in the Philippines are plentiful. But the economic and competitive minefields are equally abundant.

What does your individual photo say about Philippine offshoring and how does it fit in the Big Picture?

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One thought on “The Big Picture

  1. Post script: An internal report for the Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP) refers to a study that shows Mexico’s IT offshoring industry ranking third globally, behind India and the Philippines. The report notes that India has begun to lose its luster as “IT technology has shifted toward user empowerment through downloadable apps, tablets, and social media, decreasing the need for outsourced help desk and user-focused IT department”.

    The report argues that one of Mexico’s advantages is proximity to the U.S. Mexico graduates 130,000 engineers each year and has opportunities to target other emerging markets in the areas of robotics, re-automation of manufacturing processes, artificial
    intelligence, and 3D printing.

    The Preliminary Report that George and I prepared for ICTO last December 2012 predicts the increasing (and enduring) appeal of nearshoring – particularly in Europe. It also provides competitive responses for the Philippines as a global leader in the offshoring business. Can the Philippines really buck the trend? What are your views?


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