The Path of Water

It is said that leadership is thrust upon a person, much like a surging tide looms over a boatman or a rafter. The boatman needs to accept that the oncoming force cannot be changed and focus on how to catch the wave instead. The analogy in the quoted article below is similar. As Carly Simon sang in 1989, Play 2Let the River Run


Photo credit Tushky Tales

The Path of Water

August 15, 2009 at 12:24am

Can a two millenia old concept like Taoism provide a perspective on change? Check out this blog: THE PATH OF WATER – 21st Century Taoism

Hidden-Falls_21 courtesy Mountain to Sea Workshops

Photo credit Mountain to Sea Workshops

This blog concludes thus:

What does Taoism teach us about dealing with change? Change is inevitable. It can be held at bay for a time through effort, but it can never be stopped. In following Taoism we try to experience and understand our true inner nature. Using the analogy of water (well the clue’s in the name of the Blog!) if we are in a river we can cling for as long as we can to the sides before our strength fails and we are swept helplessly downstream by the current. Or, through self-knowledge and self-confidence, we can embrace the flow of the river, let the current take us, and use our strength and skill at appropriate moments to avoid any rocks in our path. The latter is the Taoist way, but be warned! It can be scary.


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