Cafe Romulo on a lazy day

There are a number of good, homey restaurants in the periphery of the Tomas Morato Street dining row. On this rainy Saturday, we chose Cafe Romulo for late lunch.

I really enjoyed the Pomelo Salad, the Baby Squid adobo, and the Cheese Overload desert (amazing cheese ice cream!). I am always heartened to find traditional Filipino dishes like Chicken Relleno in the menu of trendy restaurants and although I wasn’t in the mood for rich flavors today, I did manage a small, tasty slice. The boys tried the sweet potato-based Filipino nachos. I am a plain foodie not a gourmet nor an epicure so for those interested in a more complete review check out the Our Awesome Planet blogsite.

If you happen to be a history buff, you get a bonus. You will be fascinated by the many photos adorning the walls, chronicling the life and times of the late UN General Assembly President Carlos P. Romulo.



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