An Animated Explanation Of Why Music Makes You Happy

I found this interesting video article about how dopamine can induce happiness – principally through food, sex, and drugs but also through music. I thought that it will be appropriate to repost the article here (This blog is about all the stuff that we enjoy, remember?).

Play 2Watch the Video: An Animated Explanation of Why Music Makes You Happy

I was a senior in high school when I watched the “rockumentary”, The Kids are Alright, featuring The Who. I was with my friends who all noticed that the scent of marijuana was so strong as we stepped inside the movie house in Cubao. Not having smoked pot, I breathed in deeply to try to detect the whiff that my friends noticed instantly. I just couldn’t.


I’ve forgotten a whole lot about  high school but I do recall the psychedelic images and the decibel levels from the movie. Tell me, can it be the effect of  My Generation together with the waft of air  that afternoon?

p.s., I am not claiming the Bill Clinton defense here. I inhaled but I just wasn’t sure that I inhaled properly.

p.p.s., The movie came out in 1979. Go ahead and work out my age.

Play 2Listen to The Who The Kids Are All Right





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