Mind the Gap

After being absent from blogging for some time, it’s good to be back, finally.

Some of my colleagues in Integris Offshore Business Solutions have been seeing the signs of a growing need for a near-hire training program for Finance and Accounting in the Business Process Outsourcing and Offshoring Industry. The continuing rapid growth of the F&A sector gives credence to this much-anticipated talent gap. True, some key industry players will argue this point saying that there have been no outward indications that this prediction is already nigh, at least as far as their companies are concerned.

Nevertheless in the last  12 weeks, Integris has managed to put together a 3-day course called “Moving up with Practical Accounting” – essentially putting our money where our mouth is. Our marketing material describes the course thus:

This  course aims to bridge the F&A skills gap by providing hands-on accounting training that is innovative in two respects:

  1. Accounting knowledge and skills are imparted within the appropriate contexts of information technology, effective business communication, ethics, and critical thinking. The course is replete with report presentation exercises, verbal communication being an essential element of the reporting function. These presentation aim to  strengthen not just the verbal communication skills but also the ability to integrate the learning in accounting with common business situations;
  2. Creative use of Integris TMS© ,a browser-based application, as a teaching tool:
    • Interactive instruction on basic Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) functionalities provides both crucial knowledge as well as keystroke familiarity;
    • Diagnostic tests and post course module tests not only to track the progress of each participant but also to gauge the effectiveness of ongoing instruction vs. previous runs of the course;
    • Availability of extensive self-help material on the Integris TMS© site promotes the self-learning skills of participants;  and
    • Short (5-10 minutes) recorded micro-lectures provides the necessary emphasis on accounting concepts and enhances the learning experience.

Integris TMS© is an ingenious tool that provides a means for the continuous discovery of the best mix of teaching methods and course content, i.e., continuing distillation and customization. The constant discovery and accretion of insight using Integris TMS© will be the shortest path towards evolving a broad-based, scalable and sustainable program that can be backbone of a country-wide near hire program for F&A services.

It’s been a lot of hard work but we sure are damn proud of the result. We sure hope that the course participants will not only be pleased but will actually be hired by the F&A services firms!

The pilot offering is December 2-4 next week. There are a few slots available if you know of somebody interested in attending. Just  email Alexis Chua at alchua@integris.ph to reserve your slot.Image


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