Global Lingua Franca

ImageLast year, Forbes wrote of how the “current shortage of talent with the aptitude to speak, present, write, sell and service customers in English has become a high-performance challenge for leaders of multinational companies at a time when more international business growth has been fueled through expansions in emerging markets”.

Effective English communication is central to success for all global businesses, without exception. As it happens, Business English is a key component of the Philippine Brand. In its 2013 Business English Index and Globalization of English Research, California-based GlobalEnglish Corporation (GEC) reported that the Philippines earned the top Business English Index (BEI) score (7.95) for the second consecutive year. GEC reports that 2013 is the first time that three countries attained high levels of intermediate proficiency, the other two countries being Norway (7.06) and Netherlands (7.0). India’s score also increased from 5.57 to 6.32.

What really made me smile, though, is the news about the Education First 2013 English Proficiency Index Report. The headline surprised me: Malaysia is tops in English proficiency in Asia. However, reading through the news article I learned that the Philippines was not covered by the survey at all – along with the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.



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