Does Wine Appeal Only to Snobs?

Updated July 2016

I love traveling and one trip that I’d like to make one day is a wine tour or a vineyard holiday to the Mecca of good wines, France (bien sûr). Now it seems that France has even upped the ante. Last June 2016, La Cité du Vin (City of Wine) beside the Garonne River in the Bordeaux wine district opened its doors to the public. This over-the-top wine theme park offers everything from a museum to a tapas bar to expert-led wine tasting sessions.


Do you like the color, tone and shade?

Courtesy La Cité Du Vin

But sometimes I wonder whether wine would be as sought after without the snob appeal? What if wine had always come in a can and positioned right next to good ol’ San Miguel Pale Pilsen in 7-11?

Wine in a can

Photo credit: Union Wine Company

Read this article in Slate magazine Pointing finger (Wine in a Can: It Exists, and It’s Not Bad) and judge for yourself. Let me know what you think while I sniff the bouquet in this cork ….


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