The Corporate Services Segment of the IT-BPO Industry

A year and a half ago, George Francisco and I completed a study on the Corporate Services Segment of the IT-BPO Industry in behalf of the Information and Communications Technology Office (ICTO) of the DOST and the IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines. The study was meant as initial input towards drafting a country blueprint for achieving the segment’s full potential up to the year 2016. I am posting the full report in this blog in eight parts starting today.

I hope that the Local Government Units (LGUs) aspiring to build BPO hubs within their locales will gain some insights from the report on how best to go about it.

Also, I hope that potential locators to the Philippines will better appreciate both the opportunities and challenges that they will face when they make that important decision and better gear up for success.

George and I

George and I

There are a number of mildly controversial points in the report. This is deliberate. Creative abrasion is essential to crafting a good strategy and I do hope that a few of my friends in the BPO industry will take the bait and start a debate here. C’mon,ladies and gents.

Pointing finger Preliminary Study for the CSS Industry ICTO – Part 1 of 8 parts


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