Coach Chot blames himself; it’s time to copy the Spurs

If the team wins the team did well, if it loses it’s Coach Chot’s fault.

The article below breaks down how the Coach Pop and the San Antonio Spurs have kept a step ahead of the competition over the years. It takes talent. It takes discipline and hard work. But it also takes new ideas. Even basketball is not immune from the need for continuous innovation.

It’s the good Coach Chot’s responsibility to get Alapag, Chan, Blatche and the rest of the incredible Gilas team to contribute ideas on how to bring out the best in each player. If the Team with that fearless and unsinkable (collective) heart will win the next two crucial outings, it’s time for some insane basketball innovation that we have seen the troop in Black and Silver deliver year-in and year-out. Go Gilas! Puso!


Never short on heart

(Btw, this guy Andray Blatche looks awesome in the Gilas colors. But I wouldn’t mind him wearing Black and Silver someday – but preferably sometime in the 2014-15 season!!)

Read about: Why Don’t More NBA Teams Try to Emulate the San Antonio Spurs’ Style?



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