Why the Philippines needs a freedom of information law

Regular audits is an essential element of keeping processes robust. The Freedom of Information Bill needs to pass Congress urgently to enable the necessary citizens’ audits of government processes. The UNDP cites that the Philippines is ranked as the 41st most corrupt nation in the world by Transparency International, and the 3rd most corrupt in the Asia-Pacific by the Political and Economic Risk Consultancy Ltd. An estimated 20% of the national budget is lost to corruption each year.

And yet the FOI bill has languished in the dark corridors of Congress for 27 long years. Is your local legislator hiding skeletons in his closet? Find out whether he supports the FOI bill and deserves your vote in the 2016 elections.

Read this Rappler report on Why the Philippines Needs a Freedom of Information Law by Gemma Bagayaua Mendoza. It was filed last July 21, 2014 but it remains relevant because absolutely no progress has been achieved in Congress since.

Members of Congress against the Freedom of Information Law

I am against the Freedom of Information Law


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