Struggles of the Morning Man

She’s working a midnight grind

Dressed in white by the dawn’s eerie light

She reaches my cobwebbed mind

She brews us up some coffee

And pulls the covers off me

Morning man, doesn’t take much to wake me

Just you shake your morning man

I’ve been dreaming of how you’ll wake me

Since this endless night began


Rupert rising to the 5 am skies

I was listening to a collection of old songs and one familiar tune from 1980 struck me. I guess I was listening to the song with a pair of fresh ears, so to speak. That song is called “Morning Man” and was written by the multi-talented Pointing finger Rupert Holmes.

Morning man

This poignant track was penned long before the era of the Philippine call center but it could well have been written for the couples who live under the same roof but in different time zones just because one spouse works in a call center. There’s an almost aching despondency that you hear in the song.  Couples in that distraught situation must feel it every time they kiss hello-goodbye in the morning and in the evening – being together and yet apart.

Time for work

Companies may call the extra pay they give their employees “night differential” or some similar name. I think I will call that something extra “Morning Man Pay” or “Endless Night Pay”  to remind us better of the trade-off that families make so that one of the spouses can take a graveyard shift in a call center.

When Patrick Pichette retired as CFO of Google, he wrote in a Pointing finger parting memo that he looked forward  to not having to make tough choices and  constant trade offs, especially between business/professional endeavors and family/community anymore. Amen, say the heroic thousands in the graveyard shift.
Maraming salamat, Rupert Holmes.

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