Hit the Ground Running, Rody

No Time to Celebrate

Dear (Presumptive) President Rody,

Be assured that we fully accept the will of the people and join in the celebration of our precious democratic processes. Still, you don’t have a moment to lose because the issues and challenges that face the country are urgent.

In the next few days and weeks, we await your announcement of the members of your cabinet – the people who will be assisting you to build on the impressive gains of the Aquino government in the last six years.

From your inauguration and especially during your first State of the Nation address, we fully expect to hear your plan for your first 100 days – in great detail and beyond the motherhood and apple pie campaign statements. We know that we will hear more concrete plans about your peace and order program, that is a given at this stage.

But running the government is far, far more than just that. Will your legislative agenda for Congress include income tax reform? Will it also include renewed priority for the Freedom of Information Law? Electoral reform and the Anti-dynasty Law? We need to hear your plans to promote the country’s international competitiveness, attract foreign direct investment, and create the badly needed jobs. This is a priority because our OFWs are starting to lose their jobs particularly in the Middle East as the global economic downturn continues unabated. We need to hear about food security and what your plans to bring a feudal agricultural industry into the 21st century and bring relief to our neglected farmers. I can go on and on – traffic, infrastructure, public transportation , education and medical services, etc. And somehow achieve all these without reckless spending that will put our public finance in jeopardy.

President Aquino treated us as his bosses. We expect no less from you. Thank you for applying for this job – we know (and expect) that you will treat this as a sacred duty.


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