About this blog

I’ve had this blog for a few years now and I couldn’t quite express what the connection that I saw between process and the things we enjoy so much – music, food, wine and so on. Until I was reminded of what my daughter once remarked: “Grandma’s spaghetti is always so delicious because she prepares it with love.”

The science – six sigma and so forth – in designing and executing a process will always fall short of excellence without that final, human intangible – be it love, or passion, or inspiration, or a deep fascination and curiosity. This is true not only for wine, song, and cuisine. This is true for all human endeavor.

My experiences in process management that I share here draw in large part from running a Financial Shared Services Center and from my interaction with my fabulous fellow managers. But what I hope to accomplish here goes beyond just recording the many insights from those years.

This blog is a celebration of the art, the creativity, and the human spirit that drives us towards excellence not just with processes but with all endeavors. Occasionally, I write about about the things that make us laugh or make us cry – either way providing a glimpse of the things that uplift humanity.

Now, bring out that Cava and let’s begin….




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