About this blog

I’ve had this blog on process management for a few years now and I couldn’t quite express what the value of process to the things we enjoy so much – music, food, wine and so on. Until I was reminded of what my daughter once remarked: “Grandma’s spaghetti is always so delicious because she prepares it with love.”

The science – six sigma, lean and so forth – in designing and executing a process will always fall short of excellence without that final, human intangible – be it love, or passion, or inspiration, or a deep fascination and curiosity. This is true not only for wine, song, and cuisine. This is true for all human endeavor.


Enjoyable process execution by the Cirque de Soleil in their 2015 show, Totem

This blog is a celebration of the art, the creativity, and the human spirit that drives us towards excellence not just with processes but with all endeavors. Occasionally, I write about about the things that make us laugh or make us cry – either way providing a glimpse of the things that uplift humanity.

Now, bring out that Cava and let’s begin….



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