Needed: P2P War Stories

Are you winning your P2P digitization battle?

Processes are rarely static nor are always organized neatly. Because of this, process improvement has always been a big challenge for most companies and many managers have “war stories” to share in this respect. Nevertheless, the rapid advancements in the digitization of documents, their contents and the underlying processes provide an excellent opportunity not only for improving efficiency but also in promoting the holy grail of customer-centricity.

I’m really keen to have a good view of how digitization is affecting the long-ignored, long-neglected P2P process. (In the same breadth, I’d also like to find out how well crowdsourcing will work in helping me form this view.)

Calling all the friendly netizens out there to help me answer this question: How is digitization contributing to growing self-awareness of process owners and in improving the end-to-end procure-to-pay processes of organizations?

In addition to answering this cornerstone question, I will be happy to hear other insights regarding more specific issues:

  1. Do you use an automated process discovery tool? In what context is this used in your P2P process?
  2. Do you have communities of practice within your P2P process? Was digitization a key enabler in this effort?
  3. What are your 3-4 most important KPIs for your P2P process? What makes these KPIs important?
  4. How important is performance visualization in your P2P process? Does your P2P system allow for “mashups” that allow people to create and manage their own graphical dashboards?

I will appreciate your comments on this blog or you alternatively send me an email at If this crowdsourcing experiment works, I will share what I will discover also in this blog site.


Don’t be afraid to share your P2P digitization war stories!